week 50 (12/11/06 -12/17/06)

you have seen on the pictures from the parish house  some paintings.
We use the parish house as a gallery for people from our city.

(picture: Matzanke)
This is a small picture from our newspaper. In the middle you see Rudolf Moellenhoff, who started painting after retiring from mining.
The nice woman is Marion Hardt from the city of Dortmund, district of Scharnhorst.
The man on the left, its me.
The is the signal-Iduna-park (former Westfalen-Stadium)

Terry sent me pictures from hanging of green, thank you so much - it was nice to see all of you and see the church.
And he wrote me about the tagedy in the congregation. We will pray for you.

today is friday, 15th  december, in the evening (5pm, 51F, no snow) i tried to take some pictures from the lights for christmas people put in the gardens and windows.

the days before christmas in dortmund-scharnhorst

week 50 12/14/06