week 49 (12/04/06 -12/10/06)

This week started with a special worship. The 4th december is the day of St. Barbara, the guardian of he miners.

Miners in traditional uniforms an flags in front of our church.

St. Barbara

In the beginning  (protestant and catholic pastor) the worship started at 5 pm.

the senior choir of the miners union (IGBCE)

End of the service

In the parish house the visitors are sitting together .

In the parish house

In the parish house

On sunday (2. sunday of advent) in the afternoon  the musicgroups of the congragation performed a concert for our seniors. The concert started at 3pm in our  Church.
it is an tradition since a lot of years.

the choir of the congregation

the flute groups

visitors in the church

the three "kings" on the way to Bethlehem

the rest of the bazar   

coffee and cake in the parish house

week 49 /12/14/06