week 47 (11/20/06 - 11/26/06)

On Sunday in our Church (Auferstehungskirche- resurrection Church).I translated my sermon from the 1th October. I  used at first an english text- i the same way i used a german text in Lynnhurst. I tried the passing of peace.

Then a normal week happened -with synod , funeral and visits.  I had to tell about my visit in USA.
It is so much t o tell -a lot of thoughts are in my mind. I am dreaming of Louisville, sometimes i don't know exactly where I am. My body is in Germany , but my mind is still  on the way  back from Kentucky.

Some pictures from the worship on the cemetary. at the11/26/06 (dead sunday/ reign of christ)

the cross on the cemetary

it is a clear sunny afternoon, about 100 people ar there

reading the names of the  died members of the congregation

singing an praying together

sun set over scharnhorst

week 47  /12/07/06