April 2007

Dear friends in  Lynnhurst !

it was so easy to write about the time in your congreagtion in german. Because every day was a special day.
it is so difficult to write about the time in our congregation in  english. Because every day is a normal day and a special day ,too.

i have to do my work, my normal work. in the wintertime we had only two times snow, so that i had to clean the sideway only two times.

so january, fbruary and march went their way, our congregation is planning their 100th anniversary. We will start with a special worship at 29th of April.

in april  we have some special events.

The Children Biblestudy
from Monday to Thursday   children meet from 9.00 to 12.00  in the church and the parish hall- singing, eating, praying, playing, painting and so on.

children like this very much !

our angles in the church

children in our church

the other side

angles- this was the theme off the childres bibel study

Maundy Thursday

lords supper at  a table

Easter (04/08/07)

family worship "angel"

angel created by children

our windows

it is brunch time.....